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Maintenance Defaulted

07 October 2019 aslam shaikh , Thane

Hi I am resident of my owned flat on my name at my society since 14 years, but have never defaulted on my maintenance but yes since last 22 months I am not been able to pay maintenance due to loss of my job and no income and under depression I had twice heart trouble also an accident resulted in hand fracture and operation due to these unforseen reasons was not been able to pay maintenance but now society is threatening water cut and electricity and even police NC against me along with notice under section 101, I have no intentions of not paying but till I am financially stable. Too much of stress I am going thru and on this such torture, forcibly they even got a letter signed by me to pay within a month.. please do help what can I do, I am staying with my 80years mother, wife and 2 kids..

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