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Maintenance charge-Builder floor appartment

10 January 2019 Suresh Kharwar, West Delhi


I have puchased a builder floor apprt. in Delhi in Sep2017 where on one side of building there are four 4 bhk flats(1 occupied by me and other 3 are vaccant) and on other side 8 flats are 2 bhk. Monthly maintenance charge (MMC) is only used for common area like parking cleaning and stairs electricity bill etc where every flat contribution is same irrespective of size, MMC is not used for maintenance inside flat (where size of flat matters) but for last one year I have to pay 1.5 times higher MMC than 2 bhk flats. Is it correct because no contruction/restoration/repair related maintenance is done on 4BHK side.

Suresh Kharwar

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