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Maintenance charge of 2bhk and 4 bhk for common area

14 January 2020 Suresh Kharwar, DELHI

I am staying in a builder floor apartment in Delhi, Mohan Garden since Nov-2017. This building has 8, 2bhk flats on backside and 4, 4bhk flats (1 occupied by me and 3 vacant) on frontside of the building. All maintenance is done for common area like parking and stairs cleaning, light for parking and stairs, etc. No maintenance is done inside flat (as done in registered societies where area wise calculation is applicable).
Major repair work was done was only terrace repair that too on smaller flats side not for bigger flats side.
As smaller flats are in majority they (Not Registered RWA) are forcing us to pay 1.5 times maintenance charge than smaller flats but not willing to answer, how my bigger flat is withdrawing more benefits from common area maintenance or how my bigger flat is using more resources from common area. They are all together and not even willing to listen my words.
Pls help me by providing any suggestion, similar example or any law/proof which I can show to prove my case.
Suresh Kharwar

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