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Maintenance on Unsold Flats or Recently Sold Flats by Builders - Arrears and Overdues

10 June 2019 Najmi Surti, Pune

There are 2 flats in our society at Pune - one was a sample flat and one was a refuge flat, which was subsequently completed, CC was obtained and sold.

Society was formed and handed over on 01.11.2016, all the remaining owners (94) have paid maintenance from Nov 2016 onwards, except the above 2 flats - which were in the possession of the builder till recently.

the society has already informed the calculations to these owners for clearing their dues as per the above, however they deny - saying we are no liable niether responsible. They agree to pay only from the date they move in ie- May 19 onwards.

Please guide under what section of the bye laws and provisions - can the society recover the pending maintenance dues for these 2 flats, ie -either from the promoter or the owner ? the sample flat was fully furnished and was recently sold to a customer.

is the society right in its capacity to recover these dues from these 2 flats as per the provisions from Sept 16 on wards ? Conveyance of the land is yet to be done by the promoter.

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