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Monthly Contribution once decided now can be reduced and returned to members.

07 September 2019 M K Sonavane, Mumbai

Ours is a 7 years old mhada chawls (50 years old and in dilapidated conditions) residents housing society but some of members still not a member with a aim be united while redevelopment of the area. We repeatedly request them to become member of the society but no use. For regular and conveyance and litigation purposes we collect sone amounts from each society members.
Now, mhada may start the redevelopment schemes through societies. Now, the residents who were not a member so far, wish to be member of the society. But they demands that the contributions for so many years is a huge toll and unable to pay. They requested, to reduce the monthly contribution to a minimum and accordingly refund the excess contribution to the right people.
It is possible that once paid contributions, as decide, now can be returned.
Can the society to reduce the contribution and returned to the members.
Madhukar Sonavane

Society Maintenance Charges

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