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NOC for Resale of flat within one year of transfer of share certificate

10 February 2019 ketan mistry , Mumbai


In the previous discussion it was clarified that the transfer of the property is possible within one year of transfer of share certificate of a property.

In my case the property was in name of Mrs. X, now she died and the property was transferred to her daughter Mrs. Y in Jan 2019. Now i wish to purchase that property in March 2019. However, when we approached to society they denied to provide NOC saying that only 1 time a year property can be transferred. Now i have 3 questions:

1. Can i get a reference link to the new society bylaws where it is mentioned that property can be transferred within one year?

2. In case, the society doesn't give the NOC, can i approach registrar to complain for the society?

3. And in case if i register the sale deed without society's NOC what can be the consequences (as registrar did not deny for registration of property without society's NOC)?

Please guide...

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