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Nomination in Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society

18 November 2019 Madhu Nair, Thane


I do have some doubts & questions related to filling up the Nomination forms which are mentioned below.

1. Can joint owners nominate one of the owner as nominee?
Eg.1 - Joint owners A & B nominate B as nominee
Eg.2 - Joint owner A nominates B as his/her nominee & Joint owner B nominates A as his/her nominee.

2. Can Housing Society Manager, Office Bearers, Committee Members, Society members sign as witness in the Nomination forms?

3. Do we need to mention the name of the guardian, if the nominee is minor?

4. Can a Nominee sign as a Witness?

5. Can a owner of 2flats fill up Nomination form in one form mentioning details of both flats?

6. Validity of Nomination forms which are not signed by Secretary or not recorded in Nomination Register or not signed by Nominator or not filled up properly.

7. Can Society request the members to submit new Nomination forms in these situations to keep proper records of the society members?

8. Can Society collect Rs.100/- from members to make new Nomination in above situations?

9. Can Society make new Nomination Register to update the details properly?

Looking forward for your valuable advise & guidance in this regard.

Madhu Nair

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