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Nuisance by Neighbour

26 July 2019 Manu P, 401303

Hi, actually we had complaint about our neighbour who lives just in front of our flat in the past, our complaint was solved by the society. However, due to prestige issue our male neighbour started singing songs in the common corridor just to annoy us. We ignored it, but he called my mom 'stupid' from his house and started singing even louder from the next day. My mom lost her patience and started teasing him and his family members from within our house. This continued so we had to complaint to society. Even after several requests from the secretary of the society our neighbour still continues to sing on a even louder note. We have stopped teasing him since our society secretary has told us not to. But he has not stopped and his sister in law is also a committee member who is supporting his actions. Me and my mom are the only two ladies who live in our flat and we don't have a big family like his. What should we do? It seems like eve teasing to us. Should I let him do what he does?

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