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Parking by other members in front of my stilt garage

29 October 2020 Leena Domadia , Mumbai

I am facing this issue since last November. The society has parked 2-wheelers in front of the stilt garage due the development activities going on in the open parking space. There are only bamboos tied and no active work is going on over there due to COVID. We raised a complaint regarding this twice to clear the 2-wheelers from the driveway after which they drew a yellow line a few meters away from the garage and allowed a few 2-wheelers to park beyond the line (which still comes in the driveway). They justified this by saying that other members are afraid that the bamboos might fall and break their scooters and that we can easily park by manoeuvring our vehicle around the scooters into the garage. We understand that due to development the scooters were parked... but they can park it elsewhere too as the society does have vacant space. But the society committee is still adamant on parking it in front of the garage. Kindly guide us on this issue. 🙏

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