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Parking for owners where the flat is on rent

14 October 2019 Abhishek@99 Sheth, Mumbai

My question is pertaining to owner parking renting the flat

My CHS has passed a resolution stating that a owner whose flat is on rent cannot park their cars in the society while the funny part is the tenant can park 2 cars . As per the knowledge i have and what I could read no one can stop a member /owner to park their cars in the open parking area. And there is ample parking available in the society. Also if there isn’t the the parking has to be provided in rotation. Now when I asked the secretary he says that the AGM is the supreme authority and to which my reaction was that it cannot pass anything which is illegal. The funniest part is the tenant who is a nominal member is allowed 2 parking slots. I would want to know the below
1). Is this resolution binding on the MEMBER
2). Is this not against the DC rules
3). Is the AGM supreme authority


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