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Parking issues

09 July 2019 Ankit Patel, Mumbai

I am an owner and after 2 years I have purchased an two wheeler.

As I stay in A wing and there the parking area is full so I park my vehicle in B wing

The person who park his bike removed my bike and said by laws I can't park in B wing as I am of A wing I need to park in my wing only and he removed my bike and park his bike on the same place where I parked.

Is this legal to remove anyone bike and park their bike without any permission.

He also said from past 5 years he is parking there only so that place is his personal parking space but the soceity is not legally allocate that space to anyone.

After informing this to soceity still there is no action been taken.

Please guide me for further as for now what is the solution to this problem.

Parking issue

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