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Penalty on Non payment of society maintenance charges

22 July 2021 Yash Sheth , MUMBAI

In 2014 we had around a sum of 3.5 lakhs towards non payment of society maintenance charges that we finally paid of after getting into a settlement of paying 3 lakhs. Initially for 2 quarter bills they removed it from our bill, however from the 3 quarter onwards i.e from Jan 2015 they added the 3 lakh back. After this addition we are in dispute with the society to remove the additional 3 lakh that we had already paid and we have stopped paying our maintenance changes since 2015. They are yet to remove the money and have been charging us interest @20% on the pending maintenance charges. in such a scenario, Do we still have to pay all the maintenance charges as well as the interest that they have calculated or we can only pay the total principal amt of 5 lakhs and not pay the interest amount of 3.5 lakh as they have wrongly included the 3 Lakh again in our bill.

Society Maintenance Charges

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