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Procedure to Change from Apartments association to Cooperative Housing Society(CHS)

24 September 2017 Nitin, Pune

Our flat owners are looking to change from apartments association to CHS. As handover is not completed but builder is not agree to form CHS. What is the procedure to do the CHS instead of Apartments association?
How much majority is needed to form CHS? We have two different wings A and B. one wing is not ready for CHS?
Can we form CHS for only one wing? Common premises are among two wings like Garden, Pump, Generator, Boring water

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  1. Societyhive support
    28 September 2017

    Dear Nitin,

    If association is formed and deed of apartment is done you can't form CHS.
    As land conveyance is along with deed of apartment registration in percentage.
    If no deed of apartment is done, get a good consultant who will form society. If you are in Pune we can do it for you as well.
    You need 51% signatories and a lot of documents along.

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