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Repairs of sewage line going underneath/through kitchen from one end to the other

26 January 2021 Shailesh Telharkar , Dombivli

Namaskar! My society sewage pipeline is going under my kitchen from one end to the other.Now as the flooring has sunken after 25years,my question who will bear the repairs cost?
It was earlier decided ( in 2014-AGM)that the society will bear complete pipeline replacement and flooring cost .But,unfortunately it was ( maybe purposely)not noted in the AGM minutes of the meeting ,now the Chairman is pointing that it wasn't noted in "Minutes of the AGM"so we( society)can't pay for the repairs. I can't carry out the repairs as it's a major work with 15 flatmembers' toilets connected to it.
In such a case,who's legally bound to repair and will the complete breakage/ new flooring cost be born by the Society as the sewage pipeline maintenance/ repairs comes under Society maintenance. Also,is there any rule to compensate the flat owner for the mental and physical trauma caused since 12 years after my purchase?
Thanking you for your valuable time.
T.Shailesh , Dombivli

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