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Rules for owners who are living alone

16 May 2019 viplawa jagtap , Pune

The flat I'm currently living is in name of mother and father, but the society members treat me as tenant not as owner. They have ill treated me in many ways-
1. They refused to give me keys of main gate telling me reason of security as I'm girl n they cannot give me keys.
2. Once i was out of town for 2 months n came back and they started to ask for maintenance, i called my dad he spoke to one member saying that he will pay in 2 days. He said okay then the next day at night 10 Pm they suddenly cut off my lights saying this is penalty. But i said them that I'm going to pay within 2 days when i fought with them then they started. From that i understood their mentality. I said them how could u this to some body who is staying alone, n this is your security for womens residing in ur society? I said them that i will do whatever i wanted in my own flat u have no right interfere in my private n personal matter. Then they started to say that u will never know that how other families feels when they see bachelor in Bermuda u will know when u will get married. How could someone comment on clothes of others. After that I've asked my one of my friend to transfer money n thrown that money on their face.
3. There was water shortage ,without giving Me prior notice somebody from society have turn off the main tap which provided water to one whole line. When i went upstairs with watchman i was literally shocked to know that all the taps were open .n from our floor only my flat didn't have water.
They are not allowing to bring my boys friend . I just want to know my rights regarding to whom to bring ? What steps i have to take against society members who are interfering in my matter? Some of fhe times i think to complaint to women cell . Plz advice me.

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