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SRA Document Eligibility

30 January 2019 lucky lucky, mumbai

Original room was in my fathers name and electricity bill in his name and one part of room given to tenant which had separate electicity bill in his name on same address as our house (fathers house),also photopass etc in my fathers name,put partition in house and made 2 rooms,by 2000 i opened consulting firm from same house got gumasta license in the structure i stay and used electric bill of tenant for firm, which was ,but i not renewed gumasta license,ration card also i have separate on my name since 1997 .i went to renew in 2001 but as there was gap they made it new gumasta license i have reciept of renewal done in 2002 from bmc for gumasta, then i took new electic meter connection in 2006 have related papers and electricity bill in my name since card i hold is from 1994 and i have original and copy of electricity bill of tenant in same address as mine of 1993,i also have other documents post 2000 for my house which was earlier part of my fathers house . BMC officials came for survey i was at work so they put same number as my fathers house where my sister is staying,i given application,after 5-6 months they came again,checked house and document,senior person of revenue collector who came was satisfied and asked his junior to put separate number on my house,but junior seems not happy he made excuse will come in 10 minutes and left,now more than 3 days i am following him to put numbers but he is giving excuses and also saying he will make document verify by other officer again,and make sure electricity bill i used will not work,please advice on my situation ,in front of me same junior who done numbering has given number to other people in neighbourhood with minimum documents hardly not even which i had,but i cant argue with him on it,how can i get it numbered ,if bmc people now refuse to give separate numbers in survey who can i approach please suggest

SRA numbers Annexure II

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