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Secretary of housing society committee harassing me personally in financial and other ways

29 December 2019 Anoushka E, Mumbai

I am writing from a CHS in Andheri West, Mumbai. The secretary of our managing committee is an uneducated woman who is unaware of legal formalities and fails to understand even simple common sense matters. For instance, she started levying a penalty on payment of maintenance via NEFT. I complained to the registrar about this and got a notice sent to the committee about it. However she has not acknowledged it.
Now, she has transferred my flat to my late father's name stating that my nomination is fraudulent. She is sending monthly bills in the name of my late father (someone who passed away more than a decade ago). I have sent her the copy of the share transfer document which states that I have registered my flat in my own name as per the correct legal procedure. She has refused to accept this too. Apart from these legal wrongdoings, she is also spreading lies about me among society members and falsely accusing me of many fraudulent activities that I have not committed. She is doing this so that I am not elected as secretary or chairman again. I have been living in this flat since my childhood and have served in the committee as secretary/chairman for over 30 years until the last committee was formed. The present secretary is misusing her position to take out her personal vendetta against me. Kindly let me know what is the best course of action to undertake, I am mentally harassed.

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