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Small plants in Balconies

26 July 2021 ganapathirao emani , VISAKHAPATNAM

The Association of our Apartment are raising objections for grooming small flowering plants in our Balconies, stating that water will seep through the floor slab and will cause inconvenience to the residents of lower floor...
In fact I am nurturing small flowering plants in pots, and the pots kept in Big PVC drainage plates so that the water is not spilled on the floor while watering the plants by small hand sprinkler... The plants are grown in potting soil mixed with coco peat, to retain moisture for a long period of time...
Inspite of our repeated explanation to the Association members, they are very particular for removal of the plants from the balconies, even though there are no complaints from the other residents...
In fact the Association committee members are even objection to the indoor plants without showing any valid reason..
What shall we do?

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