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Socierty charging Rs.8000 for parking for people on rent, while just Rs.500 for members,

26 February 2020 yusuf motiwala, Mumbai

Dear Sir.

I am a leave and license holder in a society at Byculla, Mumbai

I am here for around 4 years. 2 years back the society passed a resolution in AGM , that leave and license holders have to pay 10,000 per month parking charges. While the normal members will pay Rs. 500

There is ample of parking here. Every member has around 2-4 cars. They have more space than required. So there is no issue of shortage of space.

This charge has been now reduced to Rs. 8000.

1. Can they charge separate rates to members and people on rent ? Is it legal ? The person on rent cannot use the slot alloted to the member ?

2. Don't I have all the facilities of the member when I rent his house. They have mentioned 1 parking is allowed with this house. While if owner stays, he will pay Rs.500. While if he rents, it's 8,000 for leave and license.

3. They have also restricted the usage of swimming pool and gym facilities. Which doesn't have any fees before. Nor now for any members.
Is this also legal ?

What can I do?

The society is from Mumbai Maharashtra.
Number BOm/w (e) / HSG (TC) 8073/1998-99

Really appreciate all your help. Also if you can guide me a good lawyer who can handle this.


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