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Society committee has illegally constructed some metal sheets (Patra) in duct

25 August 2020 prathmesh kulkarni , Pune

I live in Kalpak Homes Cooperative Hos Soc in Pune, Katraj
My society committee has illegally constructed some metal sheets in the duct and also inserted metal angle in the walls in the duct over which they have covered the metal sheet. They have done this besides the parking and in the duct just to make another small society office. My flat is on the first floor and this metal sheet in the duct is very near to my main door of the flat. Since its a metal in rainy season all that rain water just falls on it and it makes huge noise due to which i family cant sleep well also my old parents cant bear the noise. also committee is not keeping the metal sheet clean from top, so its creating health problems as well.

we requested society committee to remove the metal sheet since its also illegal to build it in a duct but committee is not listening to this and they are saying you have to bear this. On the top of that they have also broke the small wall in the parking which was connecting to the two columns in the parking just to support their illegal construction. They haven't conducted any General Body Meeting for this decision.

Is any temporary or permanent construction is allowed in the duct and parking? is there any supporting law in the Society act or Bye-laws for cooperative society in Maharashtra. ?

How can i take action and make the society to remove the metal sheet? what are the steps ?

is only complaint in Pune corporation is sufficient? or do i also need to file FIR and send legal notice to the committee.

Please suggest and Help.
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