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Society formation, maintenance, change of buildr

28 June 2019 Kirti G , Pune

A) we have taken possession of a flat in 2015 dec, by paying a lump sum maintenance for two years to builder when the project was still incomplete n amenities not provided as promised

B) some owners moved in and then ad hoc comm was there to look after daily issues. Buildr informed adhoc committee to start collecting maintenance charges of rs 5000 p.m. from each owner starting Jan 2019. These are on a very higher side as compared to many other projects elsewhere. Still society is not formed and handed over to residents.
C) after completing 2 bldgs now buildr had handed over the management for construction of 3rd Bldg to another builder. Who is now asking for maintenance.
We have no formal communication from builder in writing...

D) now those residing there are initiating to form a CHS or APARTMENT Separately as per voting, without knowing what is advantage or disadvantage.

I do not stay there. But concerned with the builders unethical behaviour.

Please suggest solution... guide

Advice from society consultant

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