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Validity of maintenance + interest charged by Society before conveyance & without intimation non occupants

29 September 2019 GG 109 , Thane

I brought a flat during construction phase and possession was taken in later 2016. Builder was to help form society & convey property to it. I have paid formation / maintenance charges to builder. Later builder has not done conveyance & not transferred funds to society either.

The residents formed an ad-hoc society, called a meeting in Feb 2017 and agreed to contribute maintenance. Society was not registered at the time, & registration was received only in mid-2018.

As a non-resident (I stay / work quite a distance from here). I was not aware of & was not informed about the 2017 meeting, nor subsequent meetings. No notice was sent to my flat or to me personally.
I found out only in early 2019 when my licensor, who stays in flat, was given "notice of non-payment of dues" going back to 2017 along with interest at 21 per cent.

My doubts are:
1. Are these charges going back to Feb 2017 valid - though society registered only in mid-2018 and conveyance to society not done yet. Even society shares not issued yet.

2. Can interest be recovered from me even though no notice was given to me and I was not aware of the proceedings. In fact for two years no one bothered to reach out to me or send notice to my flat. Society mgmt claims that notice was put up on the board and it was for me to visit and find out.

3. I have offered to voluntarily pay "principal" amount but I feel its not morally or legally mantainable. This has been refused. What are my options?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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