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Water supply provision by Builder during Handover of Society

04 June 2019 Shekhar M, Pune

We have 180 Flats in society which comes under PMRDA. Buidler was supplying usage & drinking water via borewell tanker till the maint. of society was with him.

Now we are in midst of handover of society & we have no other source apart from ONE working borwell which gives us at the most 1 Tanker daily. No grampanhyat water as no water with them as well.

So as per rules what shall we do.... whats the legal stand we can take against this major issue of water shortage

- Ask more borewells ( from expenditure of builder)
- Keep reimbursing water tankers bills to society as no alternate water illusion available currently

I think so this problem may be with many societies in FRINGE AREAS of pune.

Advice from society consultant

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