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What action can I take against who are misusing water heavily in my society?

31 May 2020 Nidhhi Pathak , Kharghar

It's a two wing building. A and B. We are facing critical water supply issues since one month.
Now, each wing has its own water tank having same water pipe line. The issue is A wing gets water supply for longer time additional two hours. There is no leakages in B wing. People who does storage around 300 LTR have declared it but others haven't. Conclusion is some members are having heavy storage. This leads to unequal distribution of water and moreover, most importantly, water such a invaluable resource is MISUSED. I have asked to put water meter. But, it seems it will take long time. Though they told this will be discussed when meeting is held. Lockdown has been extended till 30june. So water will be wasted till the meeting is held andinjustice will continue to happen.

Dear Sir /Ma'am,
Please guide me and can take some quick action constructively. I want to protect water by hook or crook soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Nidhhi Pathak

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