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What are per society member charges for society conveyance deed

25 December 2014 Sagar Pavitwwar, Pune

I stay in society of 178 members in Pune . Most of members have already paid VAT, Stamp Duty and registration charges while buying flats. Some members still have not paid VAT and having conflicts with builder. As builder is not ready for conveyance deed society is planning to go for deemed conveyance deed.

Now society is asking each member to pay 3000 Rs for conveyance deed and posted a notice for it. Are these charges legal ?

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  1. Societyhive support
    26 December 2014

    Dear Sagar,

    Yes, you'll have cost per flat.
    These are charged for the whole process. One must remember this is a meagre amount to pay to safeguard your property costing in lacks and crores.

  2. T/S/Kalsi
    05 July 2017

    we need to know what is the maximum amt for per member in Mumbai for convayence, as well as official government fee,

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