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Who is liable for internal leakage issues due to cracks from outside the flat?

02 December 2019 Aparna Nair, dombivli

Hi, I have a flat on 3rd floor in a 4 storey CHSL. It's a 30 year old building and has leakage issues. There are cracks on the ceiling beams and one side of the flat's walls are completely drenched during rainy season due to leakage from outside of the building. This is not there in the upper flat to the extent we have. We have informed society about this time and again in the past and all they have to say is internal leakages are not their responsibility and we had to repair every time i.e., every two to three years... The ceiling fell down twice in our bedroom due to leakage issues due to the cracks outside walls of the building.

This is the 4th time that we have been told the same. Society had carried out repairs 3 years back and the leakage had reduced to some extent but this year due to heavy rains again, the walls have swollen up and developed cracks on the ceiling and beams in all rooms including kitchen, bathroom and toilet. In this scenario, whom should we complain to and who is responsible for the repairs?

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