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kindly help me write a letter to inform my society about non occupancy of my flat.

19 October 2014 Marita Lorain, Mumbai

my tenants are going to leave by next week and i need to inform the society with a letter that the flat is going to be empty for some time. kindly help.

non occupancy

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  1. Societyhive support
    19 October 2014

    Dear Marita,

    Non occupancy charge is not applicable while your flat is empty. You can write a simple letter stating the date after which your flat will be empty. The society will not charge you until further notice from you. Non occupancy charges will start to apply once again when you have tenant - you can inform about it when it happens.

  2. Marita Lorain
    19 October 2014

    thanks alot for your quick reply :)

  3. Sheetal soni
    16 October 2017

    I want to write a letter to society secretary for occupancy certificate

  4. p r pawar
    21 February 2018

    i want to write letter to society secretary for new tenants information
    leaving from 1st march

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