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unfair law passed and charging fine

25 November 2018 Aniket Shende, Pune

The committee has decided that the parking space , which is my own private parking space, [ not the visitors or common parking space ] , cannot be used to keep some of my belongings. there is some granite that i had purchased for doing my own kitchen and some left over has been kept there for future use. it is my own parking space. the society says that there can be no other things kept there except my car. the reason specified is that it can become a hiding place for snakes. is this is a valid reason ? i should be free to use my own parking space and the reason of snakes is not something that i am causing. snakes can hide anywhere. the society should prevent snakes by other measures but not restrict my usage of the property. is the society entitled to restrict my usage of the parking space for my own usage which is non-commercial, or causing any problem to others. snakes is something that can happen anywhere and anytime.

whom can i approach and is my point valid ?

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