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If lift is not provided in Building

In out society there are three building, one building have lift and other two building doesn't have lift.

If lift is not provided in Building, can housing society charge repair and maintenance of ...
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Society Maintenance Charges

Please share NOC letter format

I'm a chairman of housing society and wish to issue a No objection letter to purchaser of a flat in our society mentioning no pending dues.

Please help with the letter format.


Penalty for wastage of water

Sir, if someone left his using water tap or any tap open erreneously. Then what type of action should be taken against the owner of that flat? plz suggest

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In the last committee meetings only four members were present, the quorum is 7 and we have 10 members 3 not filled due to RESERVED FOR SC/ST/OBC. Chairperson took the signatures from those committee m...
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Special bylaws for SRA buildings?

Hello sir.
I stay in Mumbai central. Our building is redeveloped from a chawl system to a proper building Under SRA.
There r few owner of the flats.. Who r not paying their dues.. They say that ther...
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Society Maintenance Charges

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