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Please share NOC letter format

I'm a chairman of housing society and wish to issue a No objection letter to purchaser of a flat in our society mentioning no pending dues.

Please help with the letter format.


Constructing Society Office

We have a small CHS in Kharghar, sec 27. its a G+4 construction with 15 flats and 3 shops, less than 5 yera old. Builder has not provided any space for a society office. Society transfer and conveyanc...
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Advice from society consultant

Penalty for wastage of water

Sir, if someone left his using water tap or any tap open erreneously. Then what type of action should be taken against the owner of that flat? plz suggest

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Maintenance to Pay or Not

I own a flat on 1st floor in a 2 story building, and there is a leakage in my flat from outside on walls as well as celling. When I complain about it in society office they told me that they will not ...
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Society Maintenance Charges

Shed for commercial olta

Sir I have a small eatery. Can I use shed for the otla space to give shade for my customers n cover it from sides for thier convenience.

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Society lift and maintenance problems

Our lift is damage & our building as 5 floor. but due to less fund in society we can't repair it. 1st & 2nd floor member r not ready to repair it or sharing the contribution for repair.

pls give so...
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Advice from society consultant

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