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Maintenance charges for unsold flats with builder

Dear sir/madam
Our building society formation has been done by builder but just we want to know that can we charge maintenance charges from builder for the unsold flats if yes under which provision

Society Maintenance Charges

Society formation charges

Dear sir/maa'm
I have 2 questions
1) How is society formation charges calculated by a builder for each Purchaser.
2) can the builder ask maintenance and society formation charges in form of cash.

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Builder not forming society

Our builder is not at all I interested to form society since four years have passed . Moreover he charging exorbitant maintenance. Some of his flats and shops have not been sold but he has pit those u...
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Society handover process

Hi All

Can anyone give proper suggession for the following points.
Our Society is registered by the builder its a small housing of 100 flat under PMRD in Pune. Now builder is forcing us to take ha...
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mmrda + sra project


I am 75 yrs old women, One project of mmrda in mullund west in 2007, but developers also include the tenent in that land in sra scheme, I have electric meter receipt (verify by MSEB) of 1992, at...
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Rules in society

Hello Team,

My Society is formed but not handed over by builder to any body.

Queries :-

1. Are By laws applicable to my society ?

2. Who can take decisions Builder or managing committee i...
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Builder Responsibility

Our apartment consists of 60 Flats. Myself purchased in 2015 (first owner), presently there is water seepage in the flat and door started damaging. Builder is not responding. My doubts are, what is mi...
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Related to the builder

Bad Quality Construction

Builder used POP instead of cement for walls , now POP is coming out even wall just touched by any object.

Please suggest what need to be done to report about bad construction.

Bad Construction

Increase in maintenance charges

Hello I'm from Delhi,
Our society builder is increasing the maintenance charges by denying any loopholes in the expenditure sheet presented...
It's already too much,what best should we do to stop it ?

Society Maintenance Charges

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