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Dear Sir,

There is a query in our society, which is about women members. The name entered in the flat agreement is before the marriage. After that they have changed their names in society records by ...
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Transfer charge

We are selling our 2bhk in vasai. For society transfer, we were advised to pay 25000 each (buyer and seller). I read that transfer charges max is 25000 which can be divided equally by both parties. Pl ...
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Transfer charges

Single owner with 2 flats used combinly

We have bought a flat which is actually built by combining 2 flats ie, 2 foats combined and is being used as one. Do we have to pay double maintainance for such situation?

Society Maintenance Charges

Fresh Accountant

Hie everyone, I am new to society account and auditing. So please anyone can guide me how and what account to be prepared and what is the format of audit report and everything please. I am quoting my ...
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Advice from society consultant

Secretary eligibility

Can an owner of a flat who has put his flat on rent still be eligible and hold the position of a secretary in a coperative society ?

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Our society formed in year 2013. but for than we have not audited our accounts. Is it compulsory to audit accounts. Please explain us how to go about it??

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Servant Bathroom

In our society some members using servant bathroom to keep luggage of sercant and install cabinets
It is their rights or not

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Society registrar

How to approach registrar? Do they have office in andheri area if there is one?

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Our society was registered in 2013 for they our accounts are not audited?? Can you suggest it is compulsory to do audit for 2013 or If it is fine we do the audit of 2019-2020 only.

Can you please a ...
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Advice from society consultant

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