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One stop solution provider for societies
We deploy our staff at your complex, setup processes, manage maintenance, do accounting and manage vendors. Hire experts to run your society.
Maintain legally correct documents, setup processes, ensure right contracts and get legal advice. Hire the experts before problem hits your society.
Hire society managers, housekeeping staff, legal advisers, accountants or others. We have it all under one roof. Hire professionals to run your society.
Get your accounting done systematically. Hire accountants and approved auditors for finance planning and complete accounting solutions.


Easy society management
Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Quality of Life
Quality of Life
Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security
Legally Safe
Legally Safe
Private Website
Private Website
Solutions are just a phone call away when experts are running your society. We run societies on behalf of the committee. Running a society requires full-time commitment and expertise in different areas like legal, housekeeping, accounting and overall planning & management of societies.

You can outsource entire society management to us. Submit a Service Request for quotation.
We work very hard to make everything easier for you. In addition to our services, we also help setup local groups for elderly citizens, conduct events for kids and celebrate festivals. This brings togetherness at society and also helps improve security. Thus helping in achieving better quality of life.

A stronger neighbourhood not only improves property value, it improves each neighbour’s life.
Security is top priority for us. Having manned gates along with security cameras helps but not adequate. Security involves everyone working and living at your housing or commercial complex. We take careful measures while hiring employees and verifying new tenant at the society. It’s all about implementing the right precautionary measures.

You can achieve greater secured environment by implementing simple steps.
One word can change the impact legally. It’s very important to have all documents worded correctly including the monthly committee meeting minutes. Our consultants have been running societies for 18+ years and can help you document and follow the rules. Having right documents not only help today but safeguards the committee and society anytime in future.

While most members are reasonable, some are not. Better be safeguarded legally.
Get your society online for free. Take advantage of technology in society management, socialize, accounting and bill collection. Meet people you live with, manage events, buy-rent-sell-donate, form local groups and many other exciting features. Housing society accounting module is free for housing societies.

Get your society online for free and evaluate yourself.

Key Features

Society Management and Accounting Software


  • Manage Users
  • Invite Members
  • Manage Units
  • Society Rules
  • Society Documents
  • Vendors
  • Email Broadcast
  • Society Enquiries
  • Edit Society Website
  • Society Permissions


  • Groups
  • Open Discussions
  • Polling
  • Classifieds
  • Photos
  • Event Calendar
  • Notice Board
  • Complaint Box
  • Useful Contacts
  • Member Directory


  • Bank Accounts
  • Vendor Accounts
  • Member Income
  • Non-Regular Income
  • Penalty Charges
  • Create Invoices
  • Bills & Receipts
  • Edit Transactions
  • Balance Sheet
  • Reports


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