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Start of liability of the buyer

When does the buyer of a flat liable to pay Society charges - From the date when he becomes the society member OR from the date of his flat Registration?

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In SRA Scheme, Annexure II List

I have room in slum since 1987. (I have all doucment like Ration Card, Photo Pass issued by Collector, Electic Light bill, Election Id & other receipt of rent to deposit to concern muncipality.) The s ...
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SRA document eligibility patra apatra

Our area comes under BMC (andheri east,mumbai) i have electric bill 1996 in my name ,election card1992,agreement of house purchased (1993),don thave photopass or survey reciept,also ration card (1996) ...
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SRA document eligibility patra apatra

Society Formation

Can we have make Society Non-Corporation firm ? & whats the prob non corporation society firm

Society Registration

Water Tank Cleaning Charges

Hello All,
Need guidances on below querty.
We have a combined flat 302 & 303 and staying a family with members of 5.

we not yet furmed with society. - Its in process

Till date builder take maintanan ...
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Society Maintenance Charges

SRA Document Eligibility

Original room was in my fathers name and electricity bill in his name and one part of room given to tenant which had separate electicity bill in his name on same address as our house (fathers house),a ...
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SRA numbers Annexure II

Hosing loan payment

Dear deputy offers
My father applied housing loan society Rs.1.00.000 past 10 years back.
I have closing intrest my loans same clarification i need so kindly call me sir
I am very poor family
C ...
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Advice from society consultant

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