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Commercial maintenance

I own a shop in a chs ltd. The soc. is charging double the amt for our shop i.e is rs. 1.50 for flats and rs 3.00 for shops. Morover they are charging on sqare ft so the shops of bigger area en ...
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Advice from society consultant

Flag Hoisting Expenses

is it necessary to create a separate fund to meet Flag Hoisting Ceremony on Independence Day and Republic Day? please give bye law details for the same as well.

flag hoisting expenses

Quotation for Society services

Please send your price list for housing society services. We are 745 flats and evaluating different service providers for our CHS

Societyhive Services

Annexure II name change

My father and his elder brother had the property dispute from 1995 and all the document is in name of joint name. The dispute case saying the property is on uncle name which is hearing pending in High ...
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Advice from society consultant

Rights of an Associate Member

Does an Associate Member have rights to get involved or influence the decisions of society matters, such as appointing security guards, sweepers, looking into financials of society?

Related to housing society bye-laws

In SRA Scheme, Annexure II List

I have room in slum since 1987. (I have all doucment like Ration Card, Photo Pass issued by Collector, Electic Light bill, Election Id & other receipt of rent to deposit to concern muncipality.) The s ...
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Commercial Usage in a Residential Society

Our Society was designed & conceptualized as a residential society, however there has recently started renting for commercial usage due to which we are facing problems.

Advice from society consultant

Share certificate transfer

My property is in the name of HUF. The karta of HUF, my father expired few years back, now I'm the karta of the HUF. I need to get this changed in my share certificate.
Now there is some dispute betwe ...
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Housing society management procedures

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