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In SRA Scheme, Annexure II List

I have room in slum since 1987. (I have all doucment like Ration Card, Photo Pass issued by Collector, Electic Light bill, Election Id & other receipt of rent to deposit to concern muncipality.) The s ...
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Shed on open terrace


The society members has converted the open terrace in to covered terrace. We have lost the road side view and unbearable noise during rainy season.. even the dirt and garbage are getting accumu ...
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Related to housing society bye-laws

Registration of Sale Agreement

I want to get a copy of the Circular issued by the Commissioner of Societies ref NAM of 18-02-1994 making it compulsory to registering sale agrements.

Advice from society consultant


My society has 160 flats. No of parking spaces are more than 250. builder has sold upto 4 parking to single flat owner and according society has allocated 4 parking lots to single member. when I appro ...
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Advice from society consultant

Non Occupancy Charges

We got OC in  2016.   
Few members have taken possession &  let out their flat since then 
Our society was formed in January  2018.
Builder handed over the affairs in  April, 2018.
We started billing ...
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Society Maintenance Charges

Removal of land from SRA

If private land is declared as slum in SRA then how to remove the same? What is the time limit for the same? What if delay is caused? Procedure for the same please


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